Thursday, June 25, 2009

Little Hero, Big Surprise!

This is a fantastic film, directed by Andrew Stanton ( Finding Nemo, Monster's Inc.) He hits another one out of the park with this brilliant and so loveable tale, of a post apocalyptic service bot WALL-E ( Waste, Allocation, Lift, Loader- Earth Class) who discovers the first signs of life on Earth, other than his beloved pet coachroach!

But more than this, it is a love tale between the charming WALL-E and EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) a robot who is sent to earth to scan for lifeforms. Which is ironic since she seems quite bent on shooting anything that moves and asking questions later. And yet the two make a very cute couple!

The great thing about this film besides the oustanding animation and effects, is the endless string of jokes and gags strewn about the film. I find the more you watch it, the more you discover. I have seen this a bunch of times, and I find that you always seem to catch something you missed before.

The android characters are all fully animated in their expressions, it is amazing how much the animators are able to convey with simple gestures and movements. Brilliantly done. The film takes you from the lonely desolation that is WALL-E's world, to the outer reaches of outer space to hook up with the AXIOM the life support vessel that contains the remaining human population. The ship is Captained by the funny and talented Jeff Garlin who has pretty much the biggest speaking part in the film. Another small homage and gag is the ship's computer, the voice is supplied by the lovely and talented Sigourney Weaver. ( A humourous homage to her role in Galaxy Quest.) Another classic Disney film.

This is a must own on DVD, besides having the opportunity to watch this classic Pixar film over and over, there are some incredible extras in the Special Features. Including extended scenes and an animated short featuring another WALL-E cast member BURN-E.

Overall, the film is filled with stunning imagery, funny homages to other great films and Pop Culture icons, great laughs, and a feel good love story between two droids! It's a "can't miss" classic!


  1. I agree! I already own it. Great film.

  2. Signorney was also in Alien, but I think yr right about the homage being for Galaxy Quest, since her job was to ask the computer questions.