Thursday, July 2, 2009

Movies with Killer Soundtracks

These are just a quick selection off the top of my head, of films you should watch or at the very least listen to the soundtracks. Some you will not find a soundtrack for, and if you are a fanatic, like me, you are compelled to track down the individual artists to get the tracks. But in any case here are some of the afore mentioned films....

About A Boy- It's a cute film starring Hugh Grant, not an amazing film, but it has a cool soundtrack featuring "Badly Drawn Boy".

A Lot Like Love - Another passable film, you are not watching this for Ashton Kutcher. But is has a semi-naked Amanda Peet, and an awesome soundtrack. Highly recommend buying the cd on this one.

Bright Lights Big City- A rather strange film based on the story by Jay McInerney, starring Michael J. Fox. The tracks are hip Pop tunes from the mid 80's.

Bull Durham- A great undiscovered film in my mind, starring Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. No available soundtrack that I know of, but some really great tunes that suit the film, and the scenes that they are in, well!

City of Angels- A decent movie, either you love it or don't. Nick Cage and Meg Ryan. But undeniably, a killer soundtrack, featuring the Goo Goo Dolls. A must own cd.

Clerks I & II Kevin Smith is just a hip guy when it comes to picking tunes for his movie soundtracks. Not sure if he ever puts out soundtrack cd's, but he definitely turns ya on to some great tuneage!

Garden State- Zach Braff's directorial debut, starring the lovely Natalie Portman. The soundtrack includes a lot of hip bands including the Shins. Another worthy disc for the collection.

Get Over It-This is a rather unfortunate sophmoric comedy, stuck between being a crappy film and a decent movie. The soundtrack is funk-a-licious. Some great tunes! CD is definitely better than the film.

High Fidelity- A great cult classic starring John Cusack and Jack Black. Some awesome tunes of this including, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, The Beta Band and a whole lot more!

Highlander- The ultimate cult classic film, with no soundtrack tied to the film. But Queen who did all of the songs took it upon themselves to release the very special album "It's A Kind of Magic". Which contains all the tunes from the soundtrack.

I Am Sam - A brilliant movie starring Sean Penn, and featuring a soundtrack with Beatle tunes covered by various musical genius in their own rights. Definitely a must own CD.

Juno- Hopefully everyone knows about this blockbuster cult classic starring Ellen Page, but if not check it out, and buy the soundtrack a lot of cool and innovative tunes on this CD.

Notting Hill- Another Hugh Grant comedy starring Julia Roberts. Great sound track that includes such brilliant artists like Elvis Costello and Bill Withers.

Pump Up The Volume - A teen angst sort of 80's film with the counter culture legend himself Christian Slater. But the soundtrack is chock full of some deep, moody classics.

Serendipity- A beautiful movie starring Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack. Fantastic soundtrack featuring Nick Drake and other really wonderful artist. Another must own CD!

Ten Things I Hate About You- Not a great movie, certainly not watching it for Julia Stiles. But you do get to see Heath Ledger sing! The tunes are very 80's retro, Cheap Trick and Nick Lowe covers by 90's hip bands. Got so serious toe tappers on it.

Tin Cup- Another Kevin Costner classic, makes watching golf fun!!! The soundtrack is great featuring Chris Isaak amongst others. Worth a watch or a listen.

Venus - A rather bizarre film starring Peter O'Toole and Jodie Whittaker, a tender relationship between a teen age girl and a dirty old man. Sadly no soundtrack, but highly recommend picking up Corrine Bailey Rae's album. Contains three of the tracks from the film.


  1. Okay... I've only seen 5 and a half of these...I must get out of my cave.

  2. I did love the score [sad as it may have been] of City of Angels.