Friday, August 21, 2009

Inglorious Basterds - If Dreams Can True

Quentin Tarantino just keeps getting better and better with each film he makes, taking violence and dark comedy to new levels. This project reportedly was ten years in the making, and I guess good things come to those who wait.

This is just a brilliant bit of fiction, based on some true events surrounding the plots to kill Adolph Hitler and bring the down fall of the Third Reich. The film is both hysterically funny, and morbidly compelling! Not to mention extremely violent and graphic.

Brad Pitt delivers a funny performance as Lt. Aldo Raine the leader of the Jewish American Guerilla Squad that goes into German occupied France to kill as many Nazis as possible. But funnier still is the part of the German blood hound sent abroad to sniff out Jews in hiding Colonel Hans Landa played by Christoph Waltz. He is a keen minded detective lacking in scruples but possessing a great deal of perception and cunning. He is the type of person, you can't help but hate and like at the same time.

The cinematography and art direction on this film were fantastic, not to mention the gruesome special effects, true to fashion Mr. Tarantino pulls no punches with the gore and violence. But the sets and filming locations, were epic as they were beautiful to look at, when they weren't exploding or being coverd in blood!

The story was deliverd much like the Kill Bill story line, with the plot broken down into well delineated chapters. The cast was well chosen, including some noteable supporting actors like Diane Kruger ( National Treasure) Daniel Bruhl ( Joyeux Noel, Bourne Ultimatum) Til Sweiger (Replacement Killers, Driven, King Arthur) Eli Roth ( Southland Tales, Deathproof, Grindhouse) and Julie Dreyfus ( Kill Bill). All pooling their craft to make this a great success. Even Mike Meyers makes a brief appearance in the film.

All in all, a very gruesome movie, which is what you expect from Mr. T. I was impressed how he was able to tell several different stories involving WWII from the different perspectives of the characters within, and tie it all together in the same sort of compelling way that Guy Ritchie does in all of his movies. But served up in Tarantino fashion with killer tunes in the soundtrack that accent the mood of the individual scenes, and pull you right into the nitty gritty-ness of moment.

It is disturbing at times, and yet great fun! Highly recommend seeing this at least once, maybe even a second time to make sure you saw what you thought you saw the first time. And I am sure if you are an avid collector like myself this will be in your permanent collection.

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